For Beginners

Why Trade Forex?

Trading Forex initially has one goal- to make profit. What makes Forex Market so attractive is that traders can take advantage of all market directions, for example if the Euro strengthens against the USD, you can buy the Euro, but if it weakens, you can sell it. By trading Forex you can make profit by investing a given amount of funds, and trading on an amount up to 500 times higher. This way, even small currency movements become significant and your profit potential rises up to 500 times higher.

Why Trade at Dalongfx?

We at Dalongfx believe in personal contact and will be happy to guide you through your first steps in the Forex world. Your personal manager will be at your service for any concern you may have. The Education section offers you video lessons and basic information about Forex trading tools and strategies. Moreover, our professional staff puts maximum efforts in order to provide you the best analysis reporting and secure trading environment.

How can I choose a trading strategy?

Given the fact that Forex trading is an endless word of opportunities, it offers an endless array of trading strategies. Once you start trading, you should take in mind the amount of risk you are willing to take, the volume of your desired profit and accordingly the volume of your investment. Once you have set up your goals, it will be easier to choose a trading strategy, but keep in mind that Forex trading is a very dynamic world, and a trading strategy can change several times according to your dynamic goals.

What trading tools should I use in order to trade wisely?

The Forex world offers countless trading tools in order to allow traders to predict market movements in advance. Trading tools at Forex are traditionally divided into two: Fundamental and Technical. Those two independently are highly affective trading tools, but a combination of both technical and fundamental tools will bring traders the most effective overview on a given trading instrument and help analyze it better. 

1) Fundamental Analysis

This kind of analysis focuses on economic data, diplomatic events and financial publications of given countries. Traders are interested in this kind of information because it strongly affects the currency rate of a relevant country. Some countries are affecting not only their own currency rate, but the global market in general, including shares and major indices. For instance, when an interest rate announcement is released in the United States, strong movement can be seen not only at the USD pairs, but also other financial instruments like Gold, indices and more.

2) Technical Analysis

The technical analysis addresses to all statistical data and mathematic calculations predicting financial instruments' behavior. Here traders can find mathematic indicators based on previous performances of a given currency pair or other instrument, and history statistics attempting to predict future performance. The charts of trading instruments themselves can be presented in various versions like line charts, bar charts and candlestick charts, and in different time periods, so the trader can get a picture of previous performances.