How to Start?

Congratulations! You have decided to become a Forex trader at Dalongfx! You are about to discover a fascinating world full of opportunities, and we are here to support you through every step.

First of all, in order to start trading, you should have a personal trading account. It's easy to do and completely free or charge. Just follow the instructions

Next, in order to trade, you should have a trading platform. We at Dalongfx offer you the most popular and convenient trading platform available in the Forex market : the MetaTrader4. It's easy to learn and highly customizable for various trading styles and needs.

After you have downloaded the MT4, you can login with your personal account details, same as the login details to our website.

In order to open positions and start trading, you should have balance on your trading account. You can deposit funds in various ways : Credit Card, Wire Transfer or an E-Wallet. It's 100% secure and confidential. Please note that Credit Card deposits are seen on your trading account within minutes, while Wire transfers may take a few business days.

That’s it!

You are now officially ready to trade Forex!

Here in Dalongfx we strongly support cautiousness and wise trading, therefore we highly recommend to obtain the necessary knowledge and tools before starting. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you have to make researches and enroll to the university, we have collected the information and tools you may need in our Education center, where you can learn the necessary information tailored for several trading levels and become a wiser and successful trader.

Moreover, if you feel insecure or just want to train before trading on real money, you can open a Demo Account and trade on virtual money until you feel secure enough to enter the real world. Training is an important stage for every trader, but keep in mind that virtual money will bring you only virtual profits!

If you have any questions, concerns or uncertainties at any stage, please feel free to contact your personal account manager or our support department at [email protected]