Our Products


The main product we offer to our clients is Foreign Exchange trading. Dalongfx's clients enjoy a wide variety of currency pairs, from the majors and to rare and exotic currencies. At Dalongfx traders get the most competitive prices and tightest spreads at the Forex market, which trades daily volumes of more than 4 trillion USD and offers traders endless trading options. By choosing a reliable broker you minimize the risks and maximize the profits of Foreign Exchange trading, therefore it is essential to choose a broker you can trust. Dalongfx offers personal assistance, professional support, security of funds and flexible conditions, making Forex trading user-friendly and wise. We offer more than 60+ currencies and various currency pairs, so every trader can choose his/hers preferable currency, volume and leverage for a new and advanced trading standard.  


Stock index stands for a particular section of a given stock market. For instance, NASDAQ100 stands for the 100 major companies traded at NASDAQ, and in valuated as a whole unit, therefore its price is dependent on the increases/decreases of the 100 companies which comprise the portfolio. In the case of CFDs trading, traders have the chance to enjoy real-time market prices without the difficulties involved in actual stock purchasing. Moreover, Dalongfx's clients can trade major indices like Doe Jones, FTSE, Hang Seng and Nikkei even during hours when some markets are not operating.


At Dalongfx you have a unique opportunity to enjoy stock trading on major stocks at real time market prices without the complicated bureaucracy processes involved in actual stock purchasing. By trading on CFDs for the largest shares in the world, you can enjoy share trading from various markets all at one place and as easy as currency trading. Simply choose the desired share, the volume of your preference, the position type (Long/Short) and this is it! Here at Dalongfx we offer clients more than 100+ shares from various markets all over the world. 


Experience trading on precious metals at real-time prices without the costs and difficulties of an actual ownership. Precious metals have been on demand for centuries regardless wars and international conditions. Here at Dalongfx you can trade of CFDs for the most demanded precious metals easily and without complicated documentation and burdens. Enjoy real-time prices for Gold, Silver and Platinum and take advantage of the value movements affected by global events and international demand.  


Global events and world politics have strong effect on International economics in general and energy prices in particular. At Dalongfx you can gain from those sharp movements without engaging in cumbersome bureaucracy and only by a mouse-click. Trade WTI Crude Oil, Copper and Natural Gas at prices highly consistent with actual market prices and profit from those highly volatile products.


At Dalongfx we believe in diversity and offer our clients a wide range of products suitable for every trading style and personality. Among alia traders at Dalongfx enjoy trading on the most traded agriculture products, such as coffee, wheat, soybean, without actually owing the traded amounts of agriculture.