Online trading on CFDs, Foreign Exchange and leveraged products in general carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for every person. Before you decide to start trading, we highly recommend reading carefully the above information and fully understand the risk involved in leveraged trading. Moreover, this disclosure cannot supply all the necessary information and take in mind all the possible risks, therefore we recommend on additional research and learning if possible.

Execution risks:

1. Due to certain conditions and unexpected issues, at some cases orders may not be executed at the desired price. In those cases, Dalongfx will execute orders at the closest price to the requested one, available at the market in a given moment.

2. Market conditions not always allow executing orders on all instruments, therefore at certain times, it will be impossible to execute orders of certain instruments.

3. Certain market conditions may cause difficulties in executing Stop Loss Orders and therefore cause unexpected losses.

Financial Instruments risks:

1. Due to certain market conditions, come financial instruments can lack immediate liquidity and therefore impossible to buy, sell or obtain value information concerning relevant instruments. This is a temporary condition and it is a matter of seconds to minutes at most, linked to technical problems or extreme market conditions.

2. Exchange surcharges and fees may apply on currency trading different from the trader's home currency.

3. Some unexpected risks may occur while trading on foreign currencies, different from client's home currency, and transactions may be affected by the relevant country's currency rate.

4. CFDs, swaps, futures, options and other derivations of the financial instrument are directly affected by the rate of their underlying instrument, that is, the instrument they are traded against.

5. Derivations of financial instruments may fluctuate rapidly and with no possibility of prediction neither by the client, nor by the company.

6. CFD’s value is highly influenced inter alia by political events both in the relevant countries and global events, supply and demand pressures, several policy publications, economic events, etc.

7. When purchasing a financial instrument, the client must take in mind the possibility of losing all his investment, including additional taxes and surcharges which might be deducted.

8. Previous performances of financial instruments does not guarantee any future performance.

9. A purchase and/or sale of any financial instrument caries a great deal of risk of losses or damages to the client’s capital. By placing any order, the client acknowledges the existence of such a risk.

Capital risks:

1. Dalongfx's clients' initial investment cannot and will not be guaranteed at any time by the company.

2. Online money transactions may carry risk.

3. Any investment in financial instrument of any kind may gain or lose value, or in some cases become completely worthless.

4. In case of insufficient margin, Dalongfx's clients are expected to receive notice for additional deposit. A failure to deposit on time may cause a Stop Out and therefore the loss of client's entire capital.

5. Segregated accounts do not guarantee complete protection.

Other risks:

1. Dalongfx does not and will not supply clients with any kind of investment advising.

2. The risk engaged in currency trading does not reduced in any way by trading online.

3. Phone conversations with clients may be recorded for service quality inspection and safety.

4. Hardware or server failures may cause delays or errors in executions, transactions, orders or any online actions. Dalongfx will not take responsibility in such cases.

5. Dalongfx highly recommends obtaining information concerning fees and surcharges which may be deducted during transactions and orders processing prior trading.

6. A third party bank or broker who cooperates with Dalongfx might have contradictory interests to those of our clients.