Trading Conditions

At Dalongfx we believe in efficient trading environment and therefore constantly develop our team, platforms and technologies, in order to offer our clients the best trading conditions available. Before you begin your journey with us, we highly recommend reading and fully understanding the above list of trading conditions we follow. Please note that this is a general list of terms and conditions and is serving as an overview. For detailed information please contact our Support department at [email protected]


In case client's margin level runs low, he will be alerted by his personal account manager via phone call or Email. An insufficient margin may lead to a Stop out and the loss of client's entire capital. Dalongfx's margin level is 100% to 500%. A stop out will occur at 20% of free margin.


Dalongfx runs seasonal campaigns and bonus offers for its clients from time to time. Before engaging in a campaign, please read carefully all its terms and conditions as it is the client's responsibility to read and understand all conditions of campaigns and bonus offers.

High & Low Rates

The high and low prices on the Market Watch are the Bid rates of positions opening. Therefore when holding a sell position, a Stop Loss may be executed in a higher price than appears on your MT4's Market Watch.

Widened spreads

At times of global events or major economic announcements a short-term spread widening may occur. This is a temporary condition and it occurs due to extreme market conditions and low liquidity, and may have effect on opened positions of relevant symbols. We at Dalongfx are putting extreme efforts in order to minimize such cases and develop our liquidity providers' service constantly.

Automated Trading

Dalongfx is Expert Advisors friendly and allows EA trading at all times. However, the company is not responsible for any EA performance or failures and will not provide support services or installation assistance concerning Expert Advisors.

Price Differences

Foreign Exchange trading lack one central base, therefore cannot offer exact pricing for all Forex brokers. Due to this condition, slight price differences may appear between different brokers from time to time.

Weekend Trading

Foreign Exchange market operates 24 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. Traders who choose to leave open positions during weekend must take in mind that holding positions though the weekend holds risk. The reason for that is the price change between market close and market opening, which may cause high price differences and in some cases stop out. Therefore, in order to minimize risks, we recommend our clients to close all open positions before market close on Friday and manually re-open them after market opening on Monday.

Negative Balance Protection

Dalongfx will absorb any client's loss which exceeds client's balance at the time of loss. This means in no case clients will be charged more than they have invested, and are safe from unexpected loses.

Trading Risk

Trading currencies, CFDs and other leveraged products carries high level of risk. Dalongfx highly recommends all clients to obtain all necessary information concerning the possible risks involved in leveraged trading before starting.